335-Pound High School Football Player Also Cheers During Halftime! [Video]

Rucuss staffSeptember 6, 2013

A Texas high school student didn’t have to choose between football and cheerleading.

No, Armand Fernandez-Pierre was lucky enough to be able to do both. The 335-pound football player leads the defensive line during games and then switches out his uniform to cheer at half-time.

The high school senior told Fox’s KDFW that cheerleading “is about encouraging each other and moving forward as a group and a team.” But, when it comes to football, he admitted that he loves to be able to be brutal.

The nose tackle, who has gained interest from UCLA and Miami, has only played football his senior year of high school. He suffered a serious neck injury playing football in the eighth grade.

After the injury, Fernandez-Pierre decided to commit himself to cheerleading. But when Episcopal School of Dallas football coach Clayton Sanders spotted Armand during his cheering routine, he knew he had to get him on the team.

“The deal was that he and my cheer coach would have to figure a way that I could play both sports in the same season,” Armand told My FOX Dallas-Fort Worth.

Fernandez-Pierre’s cheerleading coach, Eric Daboa, said he wanted him to remain strictly a cheerleader but realized football presents more opportunities later in life.

“We fought tooth and nail to keep him just on our team and our sideline,” Daboa said. “But we realized what a good athlete he is and understand the opportunities that he would have with football.”

Fernandez-Pierre also sings in the choir, participates in theater and works at Best Buy as a member of the Geek Squad. He has played several different sports and believes cheerleading is the toughest.

“Believe it or not, cheer is one of the most physical sports I’ve ever done,” Fernandez-Pierre said. “And I’ve done a wide range of sports including lacrosse and wrestling.”

Fernandez-Pierre helped led the Episcopal School of Dallas to a 41-7 win over John Paul High School last week. He and hsi teammates will face Brock High School in Friday’s home game.

Photo via DallasNews and News.com.au


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