2 Chainz Puts Woman On Blast After She Sneaks Backstage, Threatens to Sue

Rucuss staffMarch 28, 2014

2 Chainz doesn’t mind calling out groupies at his concerts.

And the Atlanta rapper will even do it on camera. A woman by the name of Tina believed she was invited backstage by 2 Chainz’s friend Cap-1. But they eventually realized that they got her mixed up with another woman with the same name.

The Birthday Song rapper is heard on video asking his friends about the woman by saying, “Is this yo THOT (That Ho Over There)?”

2 Chainz Arrested After Tour Bus Standoff! [Video]


Unfortunately, the young woman didn’t know the embarrassing moment would go viral until 2 Chainz admitted that she was in “blog territory” and that the cameras were rolling.

“Aw S**t! This is going on a blog for real?” Tina said. She revealed her Instagram name, Luvtinaa, before she was asked to leave. While walking out the door she was heckled.

After 2 Chainz posted the video and it went viral, Tina said she was going to sue. She posted on Instagram that she would be suing the rapper for humiliating her. She also posted in her profile that her Instagram page had to be reset due to the embarrassing comments being left on her page.

“For the record I’m not a thot, I reset my account because I had family on it,” Tina wrote. “Tauheed Epps aka 2 chainz you will definitely be hearing from my lawyer.”

Tina posted a picture of the rapper bashing him for the video with the caption: “What you did to me was not right you lanky lizard  @hairweavekiller wait until my lawyers takes care of this, how’s that for a thot, I mean thought!?”

She later posted, ”@hairweavekiller I still have yet to get a public apology from you for what you did to me! I will be submitting the paperwork today for the lawsuit!”

Tina may not be a ‘THOT’ but she sure does know how to get backstage. Check out photos of her with other celebrities below.


Slim Thugga and Tina


Ice Cube


French Montana

Watch 2 Chainz kick groupie out below.


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