2 Chainz Discusses Jay Z, Strip Club Dining, & Hanging With Rappers

Rucuss staffMarch 25, 2016

2 Chainz really wants to work with Jay Z.

During a recent interview with “The Cruz Show” on Los Angeles’ Power 106, Chainz explained his appreciation for Jigga after calling him his most-sought-after feature.

“I do know that he’s worked with a lot of artists from Atlanta, whether it be Jeezy or T.I.,” Chainz explained. “That’s the exciting part, that he gave some of us a shot, the southern artists who followed some of the same footsteps, as far as being a young drug dealer turned into an entrepreneur.”

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Check out more excerpts from Chainz’s interview below.

On ColleGrove (his mixtape with Lil Wayne): “It’s artistic. It was fun. That’s my homeboy. That’s my brother. That’s one of my favorite rappers in the game. This album is more like a dedication on my behalf to highlight and acknowledge the fact that Wayne actually moved the culture.”

On his upcoming show with Lil Wayne: “We about to do an exclusive show in about a week or so. It’s gonna be in Atlanta. They were literally giving me the details before I walked in. I think we’re gonna do a surprise. It’s not a surprise anymore since I opened my big mouth, but we got an event coming really soon with me and Wayne. We’re celebrating life, happiness, and doing major cuts off ColleGrove.”

On Atlanta strip clubs: “We’ve got great chefs in Atlanta. People actually go to the strip clubs to eat. We have great chefs so people be like, ‘How can you eat in the strip club?’ It’s very easy. People literally order steak, potatoes, broccoli, shrimp.”

On hip-hop as a sport: “Rap is a sport. It’s very competitive. For me, it’s what you eat, sleep, and exercise. It’s like a real sport, fam.”

On rappers being awkward: “Rappers are awkward to me. We are stupid geniuses. You know what I’m saying? So when I’m in a room full of rappers, you kind of just wait until they be like, ‘Let me get your number’ or ‘Give me your email,’ or you just don’t. You let it come to you. That’s what it is.”

Watch 2 Chainz discuss the potential collabs while coloring with crayons during the interview below.



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