The 13 Most Hilarious Memes & Moments Of The 2013 MTV VMAs

Rucuss staffAugust 26, 2013

The 2013 MTV Video Music Awards show is officially in the history books.

The show may not have gone down as one of the best to date, but it didn’t disappoint in shock value. The live audience cameras let the viewers in on what the celebrities thought of their industry mates at the Barclays Center on Sunday night. And it provided viewers with plenty of ammunition for memes and jokes on social media websites.

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Check out the top 12 hilarious memes and moments of the VMAs below.

1. Miley Cyrus Compared to Jim Carrey’s character on In Living Color

Miley Cyrus & Vera DeMilo - Cover

2. A$AP Rocky Compared to Harriet Tubman


3. Lil Kim Compared to a Bloated Muppet


4. Robin Thicke Compared to Beetle Juice


5. Miley Compared to Coolio

6. Drake’s Hairline Compared to 5 Star Gum Package


7. Miley’s Butt Compared to Backend of Turkey

The backend of a turkey:

8. Jaden Smith Needed a Moment After the Drake Performance, Compared to Soulja Boy


9. Smith Family Reactions to Miley Cyrus Performance

Miley Cyrus VMA Performance Of ‘We Can’t Stop,’ Her 6 Freak-Nasty GIFs [Photos/Video]

10. Miley Cyrus Compared to Hank Hill


11. No Caption Needed


12. They Even got Lil Terio in on the Action…OOOO

NBA Player John Wall Does Best Impression of Vine Star Cousin Terio [Video]

13. Rihanna’s Popcorn Spill


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